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About the Zimbabwe COVID-19 Support Hub

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We are a group of Zimbabwean professionals and researchers in the diaspora and in Zimbabwe. We are deeply concerned about the threat of the virus to Zimbabweans. Zimbabwe faces challenges of poverty, a weakened public health system, high rates of HIV-AIDS and other underlying medical conditions, food insecurity, unemployment and fiscal instability that make the COVID-19 threat to Zimbabwe particularly severe.

The Hub is a virtual initiative. It is housed online and on various social media platforms. All its members are under lockdown in countries across the world.

We created this project as a way to support all the efforts of Government, civil society and communities in Zimbabwe to respond to the virus.

We do this by using our expertise in programming, communication, economics, law and other fields. We are not funded at present, but are using our own time and resources to help in any way that we can.

We are a support resource, so our aim is to amplify the efforts of others in Government and civil society in Zimbabwe, including by encouraging Zimbabweans in the diaspora to help where they can.

We aim to support the Zimbabwe COVID-19 response by:

  • Sharing general information on COVID-19 from multiple, authoritative sources;

  • Pooling information from trusted sources, such as WHO, the Ministry of Health and local authorities, and sharing it through social media messaging that is tailored to Zimbabwe, accessible and accurate;

  • Disseminating Government information about the virus, including how to stay safe, latest updates on numbers of tests, positive cases, deaths and recoveries, what is allowed in terms of the Government restrictions (lockdown), and Government measures to stop the spread and provide treatment;

  • Bringing together in one place contact details the Government and civil society organisations to contact for information or assistance if you have problems, e.g if you are sick, or have problems accessing food, or experience gender-based violence at home or abuses by the police;

  • Publishing details of civil society and community-based projects, such as feedings schemes and projects to support doctors and nurses, so that people (especially in the diaspora) can make s donations support them and help to save lives. (We do not seek any donations ourselves.)

Legal disclaimer: The Zimbabwe COVID-19 Support Hub makes every reasonable effort to share information from reliable sources. However, we do not audit or verify material published by the sources to which we provide links. Sharing of news reports and other material does not represent endorsement of the views expressed in such publications. If you have any concerns or complaints about any material that we share, please contact us at: zimcovid19@gmail.com.

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